18 February 2018

Happy Birthday Maestro Janowski

Today is the birthday of Marek Janowski, a venerable Brucknerian.

His Bruckner symphonies cycle has given me hours and hours of pleasure and gratitude for that matter.

Having attended his Bruckner concert and then got his autograph is one of the highlights in my Brucknerian journey in life.

His 9 Bruckner symphonies on SACD

31 December 2017

La discothèque idéale de Diapason Vol. XI

La discothèque idéale de Diapason Volume XI is dedicated to symphonies and massess composed by Anton Bruckner.

Its contents were listed in my last post. As you can see, they are mainly historical recordings and have all been released commercially before.

In this post, I've included pictures of their previous corresponding releases, most being original releases, on LPs and/or CDs. From these pictures, you can see that this box is a real bargain in the sense that many of these recordings are not easy to obtain in the past. The selections are all worthy of their place. I can boldly say that this is the best Bruckner box set released in 2017.

This box has the generic design from this series.

Bruckner 1: Georg Ludwig Jochum (1956)

Bruckner 2: Franz Konwitschny (1951)

Bruckner 3: Kurt Sanderling (1963)

Bruckner 4: Hermann Abendroth (1949)

Bruckner 5: Hermann Abendroth (1949)

Bruckner 6: F Charles Adler (1952)

Bruckner 7: Karl Böhm (1943)

Bruckner 7: Eugen Jochum (1952)

Bruckner 8: Wilhelm Furtwängler (1944) (CDs)

Bruckner 8: Wilhelm Furtwängler (1944) (LPs)

Bruckner 9: Eduard van Beinum (1956)

Bruckner 9: Wilhelm Furtwängler (1944) (CDs)

Bruckner 9: Wilhelm Furtwängler (1944) (LPs)

Bruckner Mass No. 3: Eugen Jochum (1962)

08 December 2017

La Discothèque idéale de diapason: Bruckner (Intro)

Now it is Anton Bruckner's turn in the La Discothèque idéale de diapason series.
New release of another historical Bruckner box set:
La Discothèque idéale de diapason Volume XI: Bruckner symphonies et messes.

B1: Georg Ludwig Jochum
B2: Konwitschny
B3: Kurt Sanderling
B4: Abendroth
B5 (2 versions): Abendroth & Eugen Jochum
B6: Adler
B7 (2 versions): Eugen Jochum & Karl Böhm
B8: Furtwängler
B9 (2 versions): Furtwängler & van Beinum
Te Deum (2 versions): Karajan & Andreae
Overture: Adler
Mass 1: Adler
Mass 2: Marcus Creed
Mass 3: Eugen Jochum
Quintet: Amadeus Quartet

Physical discs appear to be available only from France at the moment. In other areas, streaming is available online.