25 February 2014

More Bruckner from Günter Wand via Profil

Sometimes it seems that one can't have too much of a good thing. Profil is going to issue a second box-set of Günter Wand's NDR SO recordings. It contains 4 Bruckner symphonies: the Third recorded on 23/12/1985, the Seventh on 18/4 -21/4/1999, the Eighth on 30/4-3/5/2000 and the Ninth on 5/4-7/4/1998.

PH 12044

The 3rd has appeared on some pirate labels, and it is the only other Wand's NDR B3 recording besides the one from RCA/BMG (r. 1992).

The other 3 have never been issued.