04 April 2013

"Anton Bruckner -- The Collection" box-set from Profil

As far as I know, there has never been a fuller box-set dedicated to Anton Bruckner's music than the coming 20-CD box-set from Profil which contains most of his works. In the past most of the box-sets contain his symphonies and at most adding in some of his sacred works.

It contains Bruckner's:
Orchestral works: all 11 symphonies, March in D minor and Three Orchestral Pieces.
Sacred works: Te Deum, Mass in C major "Windhaager Messe", Masses in E minor & F minor, Psalm 150, Missa solemnis, Requiem, Tantum ergo, Ave Maria, Helgoland, Latin Motets (Pange Lingua, Afferentur Regi Virgines, Vexilla Regis, Christus factus est, Locus iste, Os Justi meditabitur, Libera me, Domine, Ave Maria, Tota pulchra es, Virga Jesse and Ecce sacerdos).
Chamber music: String Quartet in C minor, String Quintet in F major, Intermezzo in D minor and Rondo in C minor.
Piano works:  Lancer-Quadrille, Steiermärker, Quadrille for 4 hands;3 Kleine Stücke for 4 hands, Klavierstück E-flat major, Sonatensatz in G minor, Stille Betrachtung an einem Herbstabend, Fantasie, Erinnerung.

Although it does not include all of Bruckner's music, it is still a set that is very ambitious in its scope. From the information so far gathered, it is a set featuring different orchestras and conductors: Georg Tintner, Gerd Schaller, Kurt Sanderling, Günter Wand, Christian Thielemann, Herbert von Karajan and Karl Anton Rickenbacher. A very tempting list it is.

It is scheduled to be released in mid-April.

Update (18 Apr):
Track listing:

Vol 1: CD1 Symphony "00" in F minor. Georg Tintner/Royal Scottish National Orchestra.
         CD2  Symphony "Die Nullte". Georg Tintner/National SO of Ireland.

Vol 2: Symphony No. 1 (1866 version; ed. Carragan). Gerd Schaller/Philharmonie Festiva.

Vol 3: Symphony No. 2 (1872 version; ed. Carragan). Gerd Schaller/Philharmonie Festiva.

Vol 4: Symphony No. 3. Klaus Tennstedt/BRSO.

Vol 5: Symphony No. 4. Kurt Sanderling/BRSO.

Vol 6: Symphony No. 5. Günter Wand/DSO Berlin.

Vol 7: Symphony No. 6. Bernard Haitink/Staatskapelle Dresden.

Vol 8: Symphony No. 7. Yuri Ahronovitch/Gürzenich-Orchester Köln.

Vol 9: (2CD) Symphony No. 8 (ed. Haas). Christian Thielemann/Staatskapelle Dresden.

Vol 10: Symphony No. 9. Günter Wand/RSO Stuttgart des SWR.

Vol 11: Latin Motets. (from Calig)

Vol 12: String Quintet, Intermezzo, String Quartet, Rondo. (from Naxos)

Vol 13: Te Deum. Karajan/VPO (Profil). Mass in E minor. Hermuth Rilling/Bach-Collegium Stuttgart (from Hänssler Classics)

Vol 14: Mass in F minor. Psalm 150. Hermuth Rilling (from Hänssler Classics)

Vol 15: Organ Works, Choruses and Mass in C Major "Windhaager Messe". (from Capriccio, Naxos, Ars Produktion)

Vol 16: Works for piano. Brunner and Schopper. (from CPO)

Vol 17: CD1.  Missa Solemnis. Psalm 112. Rickenbacher/Bamberger Symphoniker. March, Three Pieces.
           CD2. Requiem. Janssens.
            (from Virgin Classics/EMI, MDG, Cypres)

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