"Homemade" partial Bruckner cycles

I'm sure every serious lover of Bruckner's symphonies will feel indebted to John Berky's exhaustive Bruckner discography for information. I visit his site regularly and a big thank you is due to him. His discography is categorized into individual symphonies and Complete and Partial Sets. The latter includes box-sets of complete or partial cycles ever issued. However it is well known that not all partial (aka incomplete) cycles have been issued in the form of box-sets. Many remain as individual symphony releases, but if considered collectively, they are partial cycles by the respective conductors nonetheless. These "intangible" sets are not addressed as such in Berky's discography, and the following list (in alphabetic order of the conductor's name) of "homemade" sets from individual releases attempts to cover this gap. This list includes cycles which were obviously or apparently discontinued and also ongoing cycles.

1) Claudio Abbado / Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (1, 4, 5, 7, 9)
     All these CDs are issued by DG and many of these are now out of print.

2) Hermann Abendroth /Leipzig and Berlin RSOs (4, 5, 7-9)
     Symphony Nos. 4, 5 & 9 by Berlin Classics and Nos. 7 & 8 by Tahra.

3) Gerd Albrecht / Czech Philharmonic (4-9)
     Symphony Nos. 4, 7-9 by Pony Canyon and Nos. 5 & 6 by Exton. (I don't have the 4th and 7th to show you.)

4) Herbert Blomstedt / Staatskapelle Dresden and Gewandhausorchester Leipzig (1-9)
     This long-awaited new cycle will be finished and the box-set released by Querstand by the end of September 2012. For this reason, these CDs should no longer belong here as they form a full cycle from Symphony No. 1 to Symphony No. 9. It was placed here when the full cycle had not been completed. For my previous comments and pictures, click here and also here .

5) Ivor Bolton / Mozarteumorchester Salzburg (3-9)
     This partial cycle started its first release in 2005 with a yearly release in subsequent years except 2007. These are all live recordings. Whether it will go on with symphonies earlier than the 3rd is not clear as the last live recording was made in 2010 and released in 2011. However, the latest 2012 release of B4 was of a live recording made back in 2008.

6) Christoph von Dohnányi / Cleveland Orchestra (3-9)
     All are issued by Decca.

7) Michael Gielen / SWR Symphony Orchestra (3-9)
     B3, 6 & 8 by Hanssler, B4, 5 & 7 by Intercord, and B9 by EMI in my collection.

8) Nikolaus Harnoncourt / Concertgebouw, Berlin Philharmonic, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestras (3-5, 7-9)
    This may be an unfinished cycle. For their picture, click here .

9) Bernard Haitink in the 21st century (4-9)

Bernard Haitink recorded a full cycle (0-9) with the RCO from 1963 to 1972, and then B3, 4, 5 and 8 with the VPO from the late 1980s to 1995. It occurred to me that in the 21st century, his official recordings would make up a partial cycle from the 4th to the 9th. All are live or composite live recordings.

B4    LSO     14 and 16 June 2011                 (LSO Live LSO0716) (CD) Review
B5    BRSO   12 February 2010                    (BR Klassik 900109) (SACD)
B6    SkD      2 November 2003                    (Profil PH07011) (CD)
B7    CSO     10-12 and 15 May 2007          (CSO Resound CSOR 901704) (CD) Impression
B8    SkD      3 December 2002                    (Profil PH07057) (CD) Review
B8    RCO     18 and 20 February 2005        (RCO Live RCO 05003) (SACD) Review
B9    RCO     4, 5 and 8 March 2009            (NHK NSDS-13871) (DVD)

10) Guiseppe Sinopoli / Staatskappelle Dresden (3-5, 7-9)
     All are released individually by DG. Picture is shown in this eulogyHowever in 2012, a box-set issued in Japan covers all these recordings.

11) Jaap van Zweden / Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra (2-5, 7-9)
     This cycle involves two record labels, starting with Exton in Bruckner 2, 4, 5, 7 and 9, and then it was taken over by Challenge Classics and so far B3 and B8 have been issued.  All are in SACD format.


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