13 July 2014

Claudio Abbado and Anton Bruckner -- A long and fruitful journey

It is well known to Brucknerites that Claudio Abbado has recorded several Bruckner symphonies with the Vienna Philharmonic on DG. However it takes some time to realise that all these VPO symphonies have exact counterparts in the Lucerne Festival Orchestra (albeit only video recordings of B5 and B7 are now available) , now that Abbado's last concert has been issued. Is it fate?

His last concerts last year, programming Schubert Unfinished and Bruckner 9, left indelible memories to those fortunate enough to have attended them. Now this Bruckner 9, recorded by Accentus and issued on CD by Deutsche Grammophon, is commercially available. What an experience it is! Comparing his Lucerne Festival Orchestra Bruckner recordings with his previous Vienna Philharmonic ones is a good exercise in learning how Abbado has evolved in his understanding and interpretation of Bruckner.

This Bruckner 9 will surely join my favourites list of this symphony.