20 January 2014

Anton Bruckner's residences in Vienna

Bruckner lived in Vienna from 1868 till his death in 1896. Within this period he had lived in 4 different places in Vienna, and they are listed below in chronological order:

(1) Währinger Straße 41 (from 1868-1877).
(2) Heinrichshof opposite the Opera House (less than 1 year in 1877). The building was destroyed in World War II.
(3) Heßgasse 7/Schottenring 5 (from 1877-1895). The building is now a hotel which has a suite called the Bruckner Suite, presumably, but not known whether it actually is, where Bruckner's room was.
(4) Upper Belvedere, Kustodenstöckl (1896) where he died on 11 October 1896.

Apart from those of his last residence in the Upper Belvedere, pictures of his earlier residences in Währinger Straße and Heßgasse 7 are not widely known. I've visited these places and taken some pictures.

(1) Währinger Straße 41

It takes about 20 minutes to walk there from the Schottenring. There is a commemorative plaque on the building.

The commemorative plaque is between the second and the third windows on the ground floor.

(3) Heßgasse 7

This building is now a hotel. 

The corridor leading to the Bruckner Suite.

The sitting room in the Bruckner Suite.

The picture hanging on the wall behind the desk.

A picture of Bruckner in a display cabinet in the sitting room.

(4) Upper Belvedere, Kustodenstöckl 

Bruckner's last residence in the background.

These are places where I could pay tribute to the Master.

For more pictures of Bruckner-related sites in Austria, please visit this page.

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