04 February 2017

100th Anniversary Edition. Dinu Lipatti.

Dinu Lipatti was born 100 years ago. Profil will issue a 12-CD box set next month in honour of him, “100th Anniversary Edition. Dinu Lipatti Edition”. 

Its contents are arranged chronologically:
CD1: Pre-war recordings (1936-1938)
CD2&3: Wartime recordings (1941-1943)
CD4-7: Post-war recordings (1945-1948)
CD8-11: Last year (1950)
CD12: Last recital (16 September 1950)

It is quite obvious that this 12-CD set attempts to include all of Lipatti’s extant recordings, and in this regard, it has largely accomplished its aim.  All the EMI recordings are included, plus all of his concerto recordings. Many rarities are included too. Here is a list of recordings in Lipatti’s discography that do not appear in this box set:
1) Chopin Waltz No. 2 op.34 No.1 recorded in Bucharest in 1941.
2) Three pieces recorded on 24 May 1947: Beethoven Cello Sonata No. 3 op.69 (I: Allegro ma non tanto; Bach Cello Sonata in D (II. Andante); Chopin Nocturne in C sharp minor.

Apart from a few studio recordings in the pre-war years, Lipatti’s main commercial recording career started only in 1947 and produced many memorable records well-known to his admirers. That is why those private recordings made during the war years have attracted much attention, but unfortunately were issued by a small company, Archiphon, with a limited circulation and they apparently also went out of print soon after being issued. Here is a chance to get these rare recordings if you missed it first time round.

This issue contains an excerpt of the 1950 Chopin Concerto in excellent sound.

The treasurable double CD from 1995 of previously unissued recordings.

The recording of Lipatti's Concertino en style classique op. 3 on 14 January 1943 is particularly attractive.

Karajan’s description of him is evergreen, “It was no longer piano playing, it was music, released from all earthly weight, music in its purest form, in a harmony that can be imparted only by one who was no longer of this world.”

Even though I’ve collected all of his recordings, I’m still holding my breath for this box set.


  1. I just got my copy the other day. It was worth the wait, and renders the Warner/EMI Icon issue completely obsolete.

    1. Glad you like it.
      Happy listening!