08 April 2017

Lim's Bruckner cycle from Korea

They came out of the blue - the recordings of 9 Bruckner symphonies by the Korean Symphony Orchestra conducted by Hun-Joung Lim issued by Decca Korea. 

I just received my copy of the box set from Korea.  I like the non-flashy cover design of the box and of the individual sleeves of the 10 CDs. They have an understated elegance.

The recording dates of each symphony are listed below. The versions used are not stated in the track listing. I don’t know if they are mentioned in the essay covering each symphony in the booklet: it is in Korean. Only the biography of the conductor and the essay introducing the orchestra are bilingual in English and Korean.

1) 29 Oct 2015

2) 26 Apr 2016

3) 12 May 2015

4) 25 Feb 2016

5) 9 Sep 2016

6) 26 Feb 2015

7) 21 Nov 2014

8) 15 Dec 2015

9) 1 Dec 2016

It looks like it will be a busy weekend for me.

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  1. For a summary of the rather surprising choice of editions Lim has made, see https://www.abruckner.com/store/abrucknercomexclus/cdsandsacds/symphonies_1-9_hun/, as well as the more detailed discographic listings within the same Web site, expertly hosted by John Berky.

    I would be interested to know what you think of the performances!

    --Glen Boisseau Becker, Harmony, Florida